Monetary Donations

Your financial support will help us keep our operation running so we can continue to serve local families in need. Checks made out to Angels’ Place, Inc. may be mailed to 2615 Norwood Ave., Pittsburgh, PA, 15214 or dropped off at one of our two locations. As Angels’ Place is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit corporation, all donors will receive appropriate tax documentation.


Angels’ Place, Inc. accepts donations of children’s clothing suitable for children from birth to age five and adult clothing. All clothing must be in good condition and clean to be accepted. Angels’ Place Inc. is unable to accept torn, dirty or ripped clothing.

Toys and Books

Angels’ Place, Inc. accepts donations of toys and books suitable for children from birth to age five. To be accepted, toys must be clean, in good condition and have no missing parts or parts that could pose a choking hazard. Books must be in good condition, have no torn pages, clean and suitable for children from ages birth to five. Toys and books that are for children older than five, are ripped or torn, dirty, and have pieces or pages missing or have pieces that pose a choking hazard will not be accepted.

Other Items

Please call ahead to determine if we have a need for other items. Due to space limitations, we may not be able to accept donations if there is not a current need for the item. Angels’ Place Inc. may accept some special items that have value such as antiques or electronics for use for fundraising purposes. Highchairs, strollers and riding toys will be accepted if they have not been recalled and have original hardware.

Gifts of Real Estate or Other Non-cash Assets

The Executive Committee of Angels’ Place, Inc. will be notified of any intention from an individual to donate real estate or other non-cash assets. These instances will be treated on an individual basis.

Cribs, Infant Swings, Walkers and Car Seats

Unfortunately, government regulations prevent us from accepting cribs, infant swings, walkers and car seats. We understand that these may be items that have served you well, but as we strive to be compliant with frequently changing safety regulations, etc., we are obligated to refuse any such goods.