North Side and Administrative Offices

2615 Norwood Avenue, Pittsburgh, PA 15214


2538 Woodstock Avenue, Pittsburgh, PA 15218

A look inside our early childhood learning centers.

Playing, exploring and creating are essential to our curriculum.

Our child-driven philosophy encourages children to dive-in and explore their own interests while providing them with unique opportunities for learning and self-expression each step of the way. Our dining rooms provide the perfect setting for nutritious, family-style meals where parents are always welcome to join us for lunch.

We offer beautiful, green outdoor play areas that provide large open spaces, gardens and structures that are perfect for climbing, sliding and imaginative active play. When the weather isn’t just right, our indoor large motor rooms keep the learning and energy levels high.

Supporting children by supporting strong families.

At Angels’ Place, we believe parent support is a key component in helping our families succeed. Our Parent’s Room provides a safe and comfortable place for parents to attend meetings, study, connect with our Family Support Director or just take a minute to relax.

We believe the best way to learn is to experience for yourself. Contact us today to set up a visit!