"Angels' Place is more than a daycare; it is a place of love, a place of encouragement and a place of support."

Marva Brown Angels' Place Parent

Investing in your education.

At Angels’ Place, we feel that increasing parents’ educational attainment is critical to strengthening family well-being. Given that post-secondary education is associated with higher incomes, better health and improved educational outcomes among children, we believe that supporting your educational goals can have far-reaching, multi-generational benefits for families and communities.

  • Connect with tutoring services to help you understand course material and keep up with schoolwork.
  • Parent education to help you gain skills that increase self-efficacy, which leads to self-sufficiency.
  • Connecting you to community resources needed to achieve your goals.

Working towards your career goals.

Single parents face lots of challenges as they juggle all their responsibilities. Angels’ Place helps you manage your complex work/life balance issues by offering personalized, one-on-one developmental support to help you become more efficient, resourceful and informed.

  • Help clarifying your career goals and purpose, as well as setting specific short and medium term goals that are within your reach.
  • Career search support to improve access to employment opportunities.
  • Coaching to help with skill development and your potential earning.

Equipping families to lead successful lives.

As a single parent, sometimes practical assistance and emotional encouragement can go a long way in helping to achieve goals. Angels’ Place connects you to essential resources and a supportive community so you can build resiliency to meet life’s challenges.

  • Assistance finding housing and utilizing community as a platform for improving quality of life.
  • Connecting your family with a benefits network for affordable doctors, dentists, and other medical professionals as needed.
  • Helping you secure the resources you need to give your family a comfortable life.

Counseling to help you navigate life’s challenges.

Being a single parent can be quite stressful at times. At Angels’ Place, we utilize a variety of strategies, methods and techniques to provide you with the necessary knowledge, tools and guidance you need to conquer life’s challenges and improve your relationship with your child.

  • Support groups and individual counseling sessions that strengthen your social and emotional development.
  • Mentoring, self-assessment and assistance to help you make informed choices.
  • Providing you with the tools you need to build self-confidence and overcome obstacles.

Let us help you have a brighter future.