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By becoming an Angels’ Place donor, you demonstrate not only your support for our educational program and philosophy, but you also join a vibrant and diverse educational community.

Your gifts, both small and large, help us support the next generation of leaders so they will be able to realize their full potential and create a brighter future for the world.

Every dollar invested at Angels’ Place goes toward ensuring that we can continue to provide excellent care to growing families in our community. Thank you for your interest in supporting our mission. We hope you’ll find supporting our families as rewarding as we do. For more information on our finances, please visit our Annual Reports and Financial Reports.

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For Donors:

  • Angels’ Place proudly meets the high accreditation standards set by leading organizations including NAEYC, Keystone STARS and PANO. We have received a four-star rating from Keystone STARS for excellence in early childhood education and child care.
  • Angels’ Place offers scholarships and reduced rates to the families who need our services the most.
  • Part of our program is helping parents to be involved in the learning environment of their children. We require each student parent to volunteer three hours per week to help maintain the facility, hold fundraisers and attend parent education classes. Parents acquire skills needed to create a stable environment for their children, as well as learn how to promote a healthy lifestyle for their family and build resiliency.
  • We are a fiscally responsible organization and have no long-term debt for our three decades of operation.

Donors and volunteers are what allow Angels’ Place to thrive as a safe space for single parents and their children to learn. In addition, 39.5% of Angels’ Place revenue comes from foundation grants. Eighty-three cents of every dollar goes directly to support parents and children.